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A nossa essência

Our Essence

We are moved by the priority of perfect sleep. In defence of the full experience that every person deserves, we do not tire of saying that at the origin of well-being lies this absolute truth: sleeping well is as important as breathing.

We do what nature asks of us, in the way it inspires us to. It is nature that manifests itself in the unspoiled landscape that surrounds us, where tranquility inhabits every moment; it is nature that shapes our people, an example of passion, generosity and talent.

EDNIS Factory

We recognise ourselves in the entrepreneurial spirit and universal vision that have always existed in Portugal — it exists in the earthy strength of the Interior and in the Atlantic-streaked horizons. The quality of life that we bring to the world today is extended in the country’s diversity.

We take pride in our roots and in the way we express them, assimilating tradition and technological evolution. From the choice of raw material to the
production methods and the detail of the finishes, we will settle for nothing less than excellence. With our heritage of experience and willpower,
firm in our values, we recover natural balance by creating the best mattress. And this will always be the ideal way to start the day.

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