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A nossa história

Our history

Only that which has roots can grow. Our roots carry us to the spirit of overcoming and lead us to fulfil the world view of a family
that has never disowned its origins.

To understand the story, we must go back more than half a century and revisit a time when the Interior of Portugal was at the tail end of development. Far from scaring the Aquino brothers — António, Carlos and Jorge — the situation drove their initiative: in their home town of Sinde, they began to take their first steps in the bedding and upholstered furniture sector, and there they created
the company that is now a leader in Europe, the Aquinos Group. Where there was little, they transformed difficulties into opportunities, drawing inspiration from the force of nature, present in the powerful landscape of mountains, valleys and rivers, and especially in the strong character of the local community. After all, as they always recall, “it’s the people who make the difference; none of this would have been possible without them.”


With this entrepreneurial charge, EDNIS is rooted in the coming together of shared perseverance and passion. It is the product of an industrial project that incorporates tradition and innovation, guided by social and environmental responsibility. It is the brand of those who create excellence in their own country, with their people, helping to create quality of life for all.

The Will of Man

Estofos Aquinos


Estofos Aquinos (Aquinos Upholstery) 

It all started with a child who had a dream. Going against to his parents’ wishes, Carlos Aquino dropped out of school to work in a sofa factory. He was sure of his calling. One day, as an adult, he challenged his brothers António and Jorge, also employed in the sector, to create their factory together. In a small rented stone house, they founded Estofos Aquinos (Aquinos Upholstery) in 1985. They have never stopped growing since.

Cidade Aquinos


“Cidade” Aquinos (Aquinos “City”)

One St Martin’s Day, at the turn of the 1990s, the company, with just over 20 people, left the house in the middle of the village to occupy its first premises. Other buildings were added to the first two which were built from the ground up. As the years passed, it became Aquinos ‘city’, where the Group’s seven companies and five brands reside today spread out over 270,000 m2 of covered industrial area.

Carlos Aquino


Carlos Aquino

Carlos Aquino, chairman and CEO of the Aquinos Group, is right when he says that “the difference between the possible and the impossible lies in our willpower.” This is the motto you read in every chapter of this success story. The Group finalizes the acquisition of Climax mattress company, integrating 35 years of know-how in the art of mattress manufacturing. A clear vision for the future.



Year the Brand was created
Presence at the Espirit Meuble Paris fair

Created in 2017 within the Aquinos Group, EDNIS was born to win. The long tradition in the art of bedding, cutting-edge technology and the choice of the best materials explain EDNIS’s success. The same year, it appeared at the EspritMeuble fair, where it won the Best Stand award.

Mercado Francês


The Brand’s entry into the French market

The following year, the brand was crossing Portuguese borders, successfully entering the French market.

EDNIS store


On sale in over 100 stores on the French market
1st EDNIS Exclusive Store
On sale in over 30 stores in Portugal

In France alone, in 2019, the brand was already present at more than 100 points of sale. The first exclusive EDNIS store also opened that year. In Portugal, the brand reached a landmark, being available in 30 stores.

Our Numbers

More than


Years producing mattress


Years in the upholstered
furniture industry

8 000

Mattresses - daily capacity


Raw materials produced

2 M

Mattresses produced each year

150 000

Units - storage capability


Production earmarked for export


Euro turnover in 2018

Our Team

João Ferro

João Ferro

Production Director

"The best way to contribute to making EDNIS progress is to have the confidence of belonging to a team of good Production staff.

In addition to being a privilege, I am extremely proud to be part of this Group.

EDNIS is for me Courage and Overcoming. "

Rogério Tomé

Rogério Tomé

R&D Director

"Always focused on new technological advances, Ednis' R&D team works hard to ensure that all articles continue to provide healthy and quality sleep to all its users.

EDNIS for me is Passion and Teamwork! "

Lina Figueiral

Lina Figueiral

Quality & Environment Director

"The Quality Team validates the rigor and quality requirements of all production processes for EDNIS articles, from the verification of raw materials to the control of the final product, cooperating in the execution of a unique and high quality product, ranging from meeting customer expectations, ensuring their satisfaction.

EDNIS for me is Quality and Determination! "

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