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Os nossos colchões

Our Mattresses


Heritage, the premium’s EDNIS range, can be considered the “grand cru” of the brand, offering you the best in terms of components, finishes and elegance.
The artisanal production demonstrates a magnificent alchemy between the ancestral experience and the latest technology.



To us, materials have always been an important source of inspiration for our collections, which are made unique by a use of materials that has no equal in the world. This product range brings together a harmonious combination of various types of materials with the aim of providing a true experience of comfort.


In the Nature Range we seek to use natural materials such as cotton, linen or natural fibers. The result is another level mattresses, sturdier, with excellent quality and high performance, all to promote the health and general safety of your family. So our products help you get rested knowing that your sleep environment is safer, healthier and free from aggressive products.


The advanced technology “Activ coil” is developed in 7 lifting zones. The multiplication of the number of resorts presupposes optimum comfort, thanks to the increase in pressure in sensitive areas, thus favoring blood circulation. This ingenious innovation promotes sleep independence, as well as a straight spine position.


The MULTIcoil suspension (386 pocket springs / m2) is composed of springs made from the best steel. Each spring reacts exclusively to the pressure exercised, which enhances ergonomy through differentiated zoning with different bearings.